Key points of use of seals
Nov 09, 2018

(1) Select the appropriate seal material and hydraulic oil, as well as the adaptability to the operating temperature, the compatibility of the oil. 

(2) The geometric position accuracy (concentric degree) of the relative sliding part with the seal is good (such as hard chromium plating) and the surface roughness is fine to extend the service life. 

① for hydraulic pumps, The oil seal used in the motor shaft neck not only requires the roughness of the sliding surface to be within 0.25m of RA, but also requires hard chromium plating on its surface, and in the specific use, it is necessary to adjust the radial spring force of the oil sealing lip edge according to the specific situation, so that it is tight and moderate, and in the installation of an mounting sleeve or thin , twisted, causing the spring to slip out. The common rolling machining method on the inner surface of 

② hydraulic cylinder not only improves the surface roughness, but also makes the surface cold hardening treatment, which is helpful to prolong the service life of the sealing ring. In addition, the pressure used, the length of the sliding surface and the type also have a great impact on the service life. Therefore, the "fixed inspection" time should be determined on the basis of these conditions. 

③ requires the sealing surface lubrication condition is good, prevents the dirt to invade the person. It is also necessary to use the oil and the correct installation method to achieve the prescribed cleaning grade.

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