Precautions for Seals
Nov 09, 2018

1, design grooves before please self-study to read the description of each series of products, it is clear that the product is the use of the whole groove or split groove, the process of installing seals should pay attention to avoid the lingrui edge, hole seals into the overall groove must rely on the installation tools, designers should consider the groove size accuracy, surface roughness, extrusion clearance and other parameters Please refer to the product use instructions, diagrams and size tables, etc. 

2, before installing the seal must ensure that there are no impurities and cracks in the sealing groove, respectively on the sealing groove and seal surface coated with operating oil, in order to gradually install seals, the installation process to avoid the lingrui edge, straighten seals, do not twist and skew, in the case of Split groove, the final tightening cover.

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