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  • Hydraulic Oil Rod Seal Rings

    The JB-3 polyurethane seal is a rod seal with asymmetric lips and double lip in hydraulic cylinders. The Mainly used as a piston rod seal for heavy-duty construction machinery and industrial hydraulic applications. Characteristics Application Suggestion...
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  • Rod Step Seals for Hydraulic Cylinder

    The JBRS is an important rod sealing solution in hydraulic cylinders. It’s composed of 2 parts,a dynamic bronze filled PTFE slide ring and an energizer O ring for static sealing. Characteristics Application Suggestion JBRS step seal is used in hydraulic...
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  • Rod U Seal PU Rings

    The JB-2 PU seal is a single-acting and asymmetrical single lip piston rod seal in a hydraulic cylinder. Characteristics Application Suggestion JB-2 seal can be used in a variety of applications where the performance of general rubber or fabric reinforced...
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  • Heavy Duty Rod Step Seals

    The GSJ-S is a two-piece rod seal,consisting of a PTFE profiled slip ring and a rectangular rubber ring as a preloading element. Characteristics Application Suggestion This seal is especially suitable for use in heavy duty piston rod sealing systems for...
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  • Rod Glyd Rings

    GSI is a rod Glyd ring in hydraulic reciprocating system. It consists of a teflon seal ring and a NBR or FKM o-ring on the static side. Characteristics Application Suggestion The GSI seal is particularly suitable for long strokes and for larger piston rod...
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  • Rod Buffer Seals HBY Rings

    The JB-10 hydraulic rod buffer seal is composed of two parts,a PU seal ring with raised pattern behind and a polyamides back-up ring. Characteristics Application Suggestion In the hydraulic piston rod sealing systems, JB-10 buffer seal is typically used in...
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  • Rod Combined Seals

    JB-2 seal is a two-piece double acting rod seal with a dynamic slide ring and a nitrile rubber O ring energizer. Characteristics Application Suggestion The JPNC compact seal has a low frictional resistance, eliminating creep and ensuring high wear...
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  • Rod Compact Rings

    JPNO seal is an ideal choice for light duty or pneumatic machinery cylinder sealing,consists of a bronze filled PTFE slide ring and a static nitrile rubber o ring(or fluoro rubber according to working conditions). Characteristics Application Suggestion JPNO...
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  • Machinery Rod Seals

    The JPN is a double acting hydraulic rod seal with similar characteristics to JPNO, composed of a Teflon slide seal ring and a square elastomer. Characteristics Application Suggestion The JPN seal can be used for working conditions with a wide pressure...
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  • Rod Multi-fluid Combination Seals

    The JDMI profile seal is a tandem and internal seal for a variety of liquid applications. Mainly used for piston and plunger seals, sealed by a combination of a double lip elastomer and a wear ring. Characteristics Application Suggestion Before...
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  • Rod Compact Slide Seals

    The JGDI seal consists of a seal ring, two L-shaped POM (PA with diameter Ф 400 mm or more) supporting rings and an energizer O-ring to form a piston rod combination seal. Characteristics Application Suggestion The two ‘L’ rings acts as a support and guide...
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  • Rod Sealing

    JDI rod combination seal is an inside sealing of hydraulic piston rods.It is composed of a filled PTFE step seal ring and a profiled elastomer. Characteristics Application Suggestion The JDI rod seal can be used with mineral oils and in modified form with...
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