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Piston Seals

  • Double Acting Piston Seals

    JPGW seal is a double acting compact seal,consisting of a PTFE seal for dynamic reciprocating motion, an elastomer o ring and two back up rings used to compensate for large extrusion gaps and uncompressed structural deformation. Characteristics Application...
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  • Piston Glyd Rings for Cylinders

    GSF seal consists of a Teflon dynamic seal and a static O-ring. Teflon seals with excellent low friction and high speed performance, are chemically resistant to all other thermoplastics and elastomers, and are compatible with virtually all media fluids....
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  • Piston Seals U Cup Seals

    The JB-1 U Cup Seal is a single-acting piston seal,injection moulding from polyurethane rubber.The sturdy dynamic sealing lip and the static sealing lip with a large contact area allow this U-ring to be effectively positioned in the groove. Characteristics...
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  • Piston Polymer Seals

    JPW polyurethane Seal is a dynamic seal with very high sealing performance. The two small compact sealing edges ensure perfect fluid control and load concentration on dynamic surfaces, and grooves in two outer sealing edges can save a few fluid that reduces...
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  • Bronze Filled PTFE Piston Sealing

    GSF-S piston seal is a double combination seal consisting of a PTFE rectangular section slip ring and a rectangular ring as a loading element. Mainly used in hydraulic cylinder piston sealing systems of heavy machinery or metallurgical equipment....
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  • Teflon Sealing Rings for Piston

    GSD is a single-acting piston compact seal, consisting of a dynamic teflon seal and a standard O-ring with static low permanent deformation. Characteristics Application Suggestion This group seal works perfectly for heavy-duty single acting piston in...
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  • Heavy Duty Piston OK Seals

    OB is a double acting piston seal for hydraulic cylinders,consisting a glass fiber filled polyamide slide ring and a elastomer energizer. This piston seal is mainly used in heavy-duty hydraulic equipment and can withstand working pressure up to 50Mpa....
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  • Piston PTFE Seals

    JPG is a double acting piston combination seal with very wide applications,consisting of a bronze or glass fiber filled PTFE seal ring and a rubber energizer O-ring.
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  • Piston Seal Rings

    JPGO is a double acting piston group seal mainly for light duty machines,made up of a dynamic teflon slip ring and a rubber energizer O-ring. Widely used in low pressure or pneumatic applications. Characteristics Application Suggestion This is a widely used...
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  • Teflon Seals for Piston

    JBGC is a two pieces double-acting light duty piston seal which consists of a carbon/bronze/glass fiber filled PTFE slide ring and a NBR or FKM O-ring. Characteristics Application Suggestion JPGC piston seals are used in hydraulic systems in light or...
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  • Engineered Fluid Seals

    JAQ2 seal is a double acting piston seal for hydraulic cylinders. It’s a combination seal consists of a Teflon slide ring and a rubber quad ring with dynamic sealing function,and a O ring with static sealing function. Characteristics Application Suggestion...
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  • Hydraulic Cylinder Compact Seals

    JAQ5 is the developed sealing solution of JAQ2. It’s a four pieces double-acting piston seal for hydraulic cylinders. The quad ring elastomer and PTFE slide ring in the dynamic sealing face. It is energized by two O-Rings to improve static sealing...
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