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Wear Rings

  • PTFE Wear Rings

    The guide ring WR is suitable for guiding the hydraulic cylinder, the piston and the piston rod in the cylinder, and functions as a support and guide. Characteristics Details of WR Guide Rings They guide the rod or the piston and prevent metallic contact...
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  • Phenolic Fabric Rings

    The phenolic fabric wear ring is made of special desalted white fabric impregnated with phenolic resin by heating and rolling, which is processed by turning. It has high mechanical properties, good oil resistance, low water absorption and high wear...
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  • Teflon Bearing Strips

    GST Teflon bearing strip is an addition to the standard bearing ring. Its advantage is convenience as the required diameter can be cut to length during the installation. GST bearing strip is also available ready cut to length for specified diameters....
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  • Rod Bearing Rings

    The JFI piston rod bearing ring consists of an extremely abrasion-resistant and low-friction POM-PTFE Bronze compound. Characteristics Application Suggestion The JFI hydraulic bearing ring is mainly used on piston rods.It can be used for hydraulic oil with...
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  • Rod Wiping Bearing Rings

    The bearing ring with wiping JFAI consists of an extremely wear-resistant and low friction POM,Bronze filled PTFE. Characteristics Application Suggestion JINBOND bearing ring with wiping function type JFAI is mainly used on piston rods. It allows...
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  • Hydraulic Wear Rings

    The bearing ring JFA is made of POM-PTFE-Bronze compound, which provides guiding and bearing surfaces between piston and cylinder tube and prevents metal to metal contact between them. Characteristics Application Suggestion The bearing rings JFA can be used...
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  • PTFE Guide Band

    The JBF Teflon Slydway is a kind of wear-resistant material applied to machine tool guides or other linear motion guides. JBF guide tapes can effectively improve the accuracy of the guide rail, reduce damage caused by mechanical and lubrication failures, prolong the service...
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