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  • Reciprocating Seals PU Wipers

    The JBDH-3 is a PU dust seal with dynamic and static asymmetrical lips. The static lip is sensitive to pressure fluctuations and the dynamic is short and stronger against dynamic surfaces. Characteristics Application Suggestion JBDH-3 can effectively clean...
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  • Wiper Seals for Hydraulic Cylinder

    The JKZT is a one-piece PTFE wiper ring with an angle cutting slit and a hydraulic bypass groove to prevent the accumulation of oil pressure. Characteristics Application Suggestion The JKZT seal is used in combination with a piston seal and a wear ring to...
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  • Hydraulic Wiper Seals

    JBDH is a double lip wiper seal which can prevent outer substances such as dust and dirt from entering the operating system. Characteristics Application Suggestion The JBDH wiper seal is suitable for reciprocating, swinging or rotary motion systems. The...
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  • Wiper Dust Seals

    The JBDH-4 is a compression wiper seal with multiple step lips in hydraulic cylinders. Characteristics Application Suggestion JBDH-4 wiper seal is suitable for both hydraulic and pneumatic reciprocating situation. It can effectively clean the dust inside...
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  • Scraper PU Seal

    JBDH-5 is a single acting dust wiper seal with a static seal lip in hydraulic cylinders. Characteristics Application Suggestion The JBDH-5 is mainly used in the reciprocating motion and rotary motion system to prevent any dust,dirt or other external...
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  • Cylinder Wiper Rings

    The JBDH-7 is a kind of polyurethane scraper sealing with a special dust-proof lip in reciprocating motion and rotary motion system. Characteristics Application Suggestion The main function of JBDH-7 scraper is to prevent dust, dirt and other impurities...
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  • Dump Truck Dust Wiper Seals

    DS seal is a double lips wiper seal with both sealing and dust scraping features,especially used for dump truck cylinders. Characteristics Application Suggestion DS wiper seal is designed specially for dump truck front top cylinders. This wiper ring can not...
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  • Teflon Scrapers

    The GSZ2 double-lip wiper consists of a wear ring with a sealing edge and a dust-proof edge and an static seal O-ring. Characteristics Application Suggestion The GSZ2 Teflon scraper is suitable for use in dusty, low temperature environments or high...
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  • Rod Wiper Seals

    The GSZ5 is a double-acting O-Ring energized scraper, which is composed of a profiled bronze filled PTFE slide ring and an O-ring energizer. It is the advanced seal of GSZ2 scraper. Characteristics Application Suggestion The GSZ5 can prevent the ingress of...
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  • Double Acting Wiper Seals

    The JPT1 double-acting wiper seal consists of a wiper ring with double sealing edges and two O-rings for improved overall sealing, low friction and no stick-slip. Characteristics Application Suggestion The JPT1 wiper ring with a sealing edge and a...
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  • PTFE Wiper Seals

    JPT2 is a double acting dust seal with an O-Ring energizer. This scraper is used to prevent the ingress of mud or other contaminants to increase service life of the reciprocating motion system. Characteristics Application Suggestion Advanced scraping lip...
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  • Scraper Seals

    The dust scraper ring GP1 is used in the cylinder to prevent dust and dirt entering into the hydraulic and sealing system, usually made of NBR material. Characteristics Application Suggestion The GP1 is compatible with mineral oils and many other types of...
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