Ways to prevent o-rings from distorting damage
Nov 09, 2018

1) o-Ring mounting groove concentric size, should be easy to process and do not produce distortion phenomenon two aspects to consider. 2) O-Ring section size should be uniform, and each installation should be fully applied to the sealing part of the lubricant or grease.

Sometimes you can also use a felt-ring refueling device soaked in lubricating oil.

3) Increase the section diameter of the O-ring, the section diameter of the O-shaped seal ring with the dynamic seal should generally be greater than the static seal with the O-ring; In addition, the O-ring should be avoided as a seal for large diameter pistons.

4) When the distortion damage is also produced at low pressure, the sealing ring can be used to protect the retaining ring.

5) Reduce the surface roughness of cylinder and piston rod.

6) The use of low friction coefficient of the material to make O-shaped seal ring. 7) You can replace the O-ring with a sealing ring that is not easy to produce distortion.

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