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O-Ring Specifications And Standards
Nov 09, 2018

O-Ring specification model mainly has UHSO shape ring specifications, UHPO ring specifications, Uno ring specifications, DHO ring specifications, Piston rod O-ring specifications, high-temperature O-Ring, high-pressure O-ring, corrosion-resistant O-ring, wear-resistant O-ring.

The standard of O-ring mainly has national standard GB 1235-76, GB gb3452.1-92; Japanese standard p type,g type,s type,ss/v type,f TYPE; American Standard AS568, English Standard series; European Standard series

O-ring technical requirements include appearance requirements, dimensional requirements and material physical performance requirements.

Appearance requirements comply with gb/t3452.2-2007

Material requirements comply with hg/t2579-2008 Size requirements in line with gb/t3452.1-2005

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