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O-Ring Trimming
Nov 09, 2018

1. Manual Trimming. The operator holds the cutter and, along the outer edge of the product, gradually repairs the overflow. This is the most primitive method. Low efficiency, difficult quality assurance, especially for small size, high precision of the O-ring is difficult to achieve thorough, netting, and very easy to damage the product body and overflow of the connection department. Often leave tooth marks, gaps, so as to leave oil leakage, leakage and other effects on the sealing of the post-legacy problems. Other than that.

The dependence of manual trimming on operational proficiency is also prominent. 

2. Mechanical trimming. In order to improve efficiency and quality, mechanical trimming has emerged. Common is a special electric trimming machine with a rotating blade. The blade used needs to be highly matched to the size of the product. If there is an overflow on the inner and outer edges of the product. It can be designed as a double-edged, multi-edge. To achieve one completion. The machining precision of mechanical trimming is more than that of manual trimming, and the efficiency is also doubled, especially for one-mode multi-cavity products, which can be designed to match the tool according to the arrangement and distribution of the product. After the product is out of mold. Can be the whole version of the sleeve, once completed the punching. With heating, dozens of can be repaired at a time.

The key is that the punching temperature must be mastered to prevent excessive adhesion. 

3. Freeze and repair edges. The finished product with good vulcanization, together with the waste edge, is removed under freezing conditions. The technology is improved by Japan's Showa carbonate and domestic Chao Precision co-invention, for decades, with the selection of frozen media, replacement and improvement of mechanical action, frozen trimming has also experienced several generations of improvement, maturing and perfecting, work efficiency and processing quality have been significantly improved.

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